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Are celebrity marriages made in heaven?

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By: Raymond Ronamai
Wednesday, April 18, 2007
The final countdown has begun for the much-awaited wedding of the hottest Bollywood couple Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. Film buffs and people in the film industry are in upbeat mood. Media too is in celebration mood, giving every detail of the wedding. Preparations are on round the clock to make the day a memorable one. The house of the Bachchans has turned into a fortress with men in uniform shooing away curious onlookers. Yes, the lovebirds will tie the final knot on April 20. But one question that still hovers on the minds of the people is - will the couple stay on forever?

It's quite natural when two good-looking people get attracted to each other and people too are happy to see them together. There are lots of celebrities falling in love and getting married with great fanfare, say, Tom Cruise - Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie - Billy Bob Thornton and Brat Pitt - Jennifer Aniston to name a few Hollywood couples. There is a long line of celebrity couples in Bollywood too like Dharmendra - Hema Malini, Amitabh Bachchan- Jaya Bachchan Rajesh Khanna - Dimple Kapadia, Akshay Kumar - Twinkle Khanna, Ajay Devgan - Kajol and so on. Now, Abhishek Bachchan too is following their footsteps by deciding to marry beauty queen and actress Aishwarya Rai. However, people seem to have lost trust in marriage amongst celebrities because they have seen many dream couples splitting wide apart.

They say marriages are made in heaven but this is not applicable in today's world and more so in showbiz. The pity is numerous Hollywood celebrities have made a mockery of the institution of marriage by frequently divorcing after fairytale weddings. For instance, Tom Cruise is currently with Katie Holmes after parting ways with wife Nicole Kidman, Brat Pitt has married Angelina Jolie after divorcing Jennifer Aniston, and the list goes on. Of course, celebrity couples in Bollywood scores much higher than Hollywood couples when it comes to marriage. Most of the Indian celebrities are leading successful married life with the exception of a few. Still, people are doubtful of celebrity unions.

Now, the big question is whether Abhi-Ash marriage will withstand the test of time. The fact is problems pop up only after walking down the aisle. Of course marriage bliss too will follow. Now is the time to wish the couple a very happy married life.

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