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"I don't believe in dating, I believe in mating" - Sherlyn Chopra

Sherlyn Chopra : mr.chopra ur the only liar!!!
sobia : r u typing or is someone from IndiaFM... if its a guy then lucky him and if its a girl then i dont know
Sherlyn Chopra : it is a gal nd dont ask me wat im doin to her

arpit : i remember seeing a flick of yours called timepass..you looked damn cute in it
Sherlyn Chopra : im not cute anymore arpit...i hav becum sizling hot!

abhi4u20 : what r u doing with the girl... can v c u on video?
Sherlyn Chopra : abhi....pls do not disturb!!!!

sheru : are u happy how ur carreer has shaped till now ?
Sherlyn Chopra : my career has not takn shape yet..m workin hard to giv it a beautifl shape

Mr. Chopra : mona plz plz plz plz plz plz plz give me ur email address, i am crazy about u
Sherlyn Chopra : mr.chopra i l tel mrs.chopra..wat u du behind ur bac

AL : sherlyn one role u feel u cud have done better???
kolkz : Would u have sex before marriage?
Sherlyn Chopra : dear kplkz..i beliv in mariage after orgasm

Pink : are you still single
Sherlyn Chopra : yup im single...i just hav a few galfriends!!!!!!!

scholar : Hi Sherlyn whom do you think is hotter than you in Hindi film Industry?
Sherlyn Chopra : u tel me scholar

chaos_quake : from whom did you inherit these killer eyes? Mum or dad?
Sherlyn Chopra : frm my mom's boyfriend!!!

Pratyush : U dating anyone for now?
Sherlyn Chopra : i dont beliv in dating...i beliv in mating!!!!!!!

Mr. Chopra : do u have plans to come to germany in near future, it ll be a pleasure to host u
Sherlyn Chopra : ya im dyin to c mrs. chopra

Tams : suppose u hv a sex scene and with whom u want to do it????
Sherlyn Chopra : wit an actor who knows how to take it

Raj : what type of roles are you wanting to do in future?
Sherlyn Chopra : roles that r chalenging and that hav dimensns and layers

scholar : who intimidates u in the industry?
sherlynfanclub : why did u sign naughty boy?
Sherlyn Chopra : coz im a naughty girl!!!!

ALI : I will be the first one to see your movie this weekend
Sherlyn Chopra : is that a promis ali?

roney : sherlyn are you from Delhi?
Sherlyn Chopra : hey roney!!im from hyderabad!

Tams : u r real bomb to destroy our heart.....
Sherlyn Chopra : o tams ur so filmy!!!

AL : how techno savvy r u?
Sherlyn Chopra : How techno savvy du u want me to get!

ALI : SHERYAL CHOPRA......where are u...?
Sherlyn Chopra : Hey ali!im in bombay

Green Eagle : i love ur movies
Sherlyn Chopra : hey green eagle...dont forget to watch red swastik

Mr. Chopra : plz plz plz plz say "I love u" once infront of all these guys, it ll be enough for the rest of my life
Sherlyn Chopra : ilu...ilu...mr.chopra
Sherlyn Chopra : forever......

Aman : what is you favourite colour?
Sherlyn Chopra : i like black and purple

roney : your favorate gift?
Sherlyn Chopra : hey roney..da ideal gift wud be a mercedes!!!

Fozi : why did u wear a burkha at the game audio launch?
Sherlyn Chopra : coz i was feelin shy..!

DOLLY.21 : i dont have a mercedes... will a maruti do?
Sherlyn Chopra : sory..i hate maruti

DOLLY.21 : r u leaving? v hi mona love u h a t e i n d i a f m
Sherlyn Chopra : i luv indiafm...so how can u hate wat i luv

DOLLY.21 : what is ur opinion of indiafm?
Sherlyn Chopra : bollywood at its best!

DOLLY.21 : what do u think of taran adarsh?
Sherlyn Chopra : i think he has incredible bolywd gyan!
Sherlyn Chopra : Hey........guyz!i gotta go for my interviews....hop u see my film red swatik tomorrow....will be bac for ur feedbac.!Bye


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