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Lara on her marriage

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Have you kept in touch with Robert Redford after sharing the stage with him in Barcelona at the 3rd GSM Mobile Conference?
Redford is a very charming guy. I did email once to his office. I guess, they are busy now with Sundance.

What's next after JBJ?
David Dhawan's Partner. I play a gutsy girl who locks horns with people but ironically is subjected to being a damsel in distress. It's nice to be paired opposite Salman and work with him for the first time. He is a wonderful human being. Shooting for Partner has been fun. And hey, how can I forget that Govinda kept calling me as Pride of the nation and Beauty of Punjab!

But you too have this habit of nicknaming your co-actors- like you call John as 'Sidey', Have you nicknamed Govinda and Salman?
(Laughs). I do that, but with only my contemporaries and those who are of my age. I can get away with all that, then. I wouldn't dare call Govinda or Salman by any nickname.

How satisfied are you in your career? You feel you could have done more films?
I am not satisfied at all. I'll never be satisfied. But yes, I am much more contented and secure. Today, I know the kind of work I want to do and the people I want to work with. I have realized that I am a good comic actress. Both, Bhagam Bhag and Partner, taught me a lot in the comic genre. And, I am getting to read scripts, which have roles like Sridevi and Juhi Chawla did. And that's great; there aren't too many actresses who can carry off that genre.

Ne... (makes a face).

You almost said 'Never'. Right?
Yeah (laughs), but I stopped. I thought what if I change my mind later (laughs).


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