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Sadiya on television changing trend

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Sadiya Siddiqui, an actress who has witnessed the changing phase of television and bollywood (she has been acting for the last fifteen years), is disappointed about the present state of affairs of the soaps. She is not only unhappy about the roles she is being offered, but also the entire state of affairs, which she calls business. Here she is all set to share her views on the current trends in the industry.

You've been into television since a long time and have done serials like Banegi Apni Baat, so tell us something about your experience?
I am happy, but not as happy as before as earlier the roles were more challenging and the serials more creative. But now it is more of a business. Earlier, we used to get good roles, but now we have to wait and find something good and nice.

You have seen the transformation of television in front of your eyes...
Yes, and as an actor I have noticed that earlier the roles were more sensitive and stories were deeper, which were more humane with more gray shades and not just black and white. But now they show a vamp completely evil and that too without any strong reason. This does not happen in real life. And also, nice people are not always nice in real life. But in television nice people are shown only as being nice. However, there are also some good points. Like television has started portraying women powerfully where they handle both family and work together like a superwoman, which is possible in real life too.

You have played almost all kinds of roles, but are there still any roles that you wish to portray?
See, it depends on the script. As I have still not done any kind of action role, I wish to do an action role.

You have also tried your hands in films...
Yes, and it has been a very nice experience as I have worked with Rajat Kapoor, Meghna Gulzar and many others who are very good at their work.

Between television and films, what do you like more?
See, in films one has to work hard as one has to understand the role, the character and then give the shot. But in television, everyone says, 'time is running...just say the line'. It all depends on how you approach the role and also on how good or fast it is.

Any plans to settle down...
No, not yet. I am concentrating on my work presently.

Your future plans...
I am currently working on a play and I am planning to dedicate some of my time to dance, as I am a Kathak dancer.

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