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The man who is all set to debut with 1920

Rajneesh Duggal
Rajneesh Duggal is the face of many leading brands, a Mr. India winner and a state-level judo champion. He is now ready to kick-start a career in Hindi films with Vikram Bhatt"s period film 1920

Vikram Bhatt"s 1920 is my first film as an actor. I am really lucky to have my first role as the film"s lead. Being a model I always had offers on the table but it was always about a small supporting role. It was something from which I wanted to stay away . Being the lead actor was my only aim and I am glad it"s come with a Vikram Bhatt film.

Casting coup
I met Vikram through one of our common contacts and he liked me instantly. Vikram was ready to cast me as the film"s lead but I suggested an audition. We had a screen test, everything worked out pretty well and I landed myself the role.

Stepping stone
Modelling was my big ticket into the world of entertainment and as a profession it only happened by chance. At a wedding reception in New Delhi I met a choreographer who asked me to do stage shows with her group. In the following six months I had done around 60 shows and got used to the glamour associated with being a performer. I focussed on the Mr. India contest, won it, set up base in Mumbai and after a brief course from the Namit Kishore Institute I took up acting.

First dialogue
My first take in front of the camera was pretty stressful. I had jitters and butterflies like any other newcomer would. But, once I got through the first shot, I found out it wasn"t as hard as I had thought it out to be.

Stumbling block
I always try to extract lessons from anything I do and being a part of Vikram Bhatt"s film has brought me face to face with both my strengths and weaknesses. I can say that as an actor emotional and intense scenes are my forte. A casual scene, say perhaps on the beach or in a party is something with which I am not comfortable.

Matinee idol
There are so many established actors to whom I look up. There are Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. Bachchan-sir sits on top of that list since he is the best performer I have ever seen, not just in Bollywood but Hollywood as well. It"s his legacy and iconic status that inspires me.

Future plans
Acting is a career priority and I will focus only on that. Also, I know for a fact that I will stay away from television. Theatre and films are the two media I want to focus on while I make my career as an actor. A few years down the line I want to be a successful actor, star and performer. I want to see myself in Bollywood"s big league of leading men.

Lesson learnt
Working with a filmmaker like Vikram Bhatt in my first film has been an enriching experience. He works for a vision and inspires you to focus on that singular aim. I believe this is one of the most important virtues of acting. An actor must always have a steadfast focus and concentration on his character and the filmmaker"s vision. I believe I will succeed as an actor if I adhere to my director"s norms and step in with a few innovations.
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