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"Kajol is fine" - Ajay Devgn

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He is an actor par excellence who has excelled in every possible genre. Presently he is the hot topic of discussion for his suave portrayal of Sultan Mirza in the smash-hit Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. He is none other than Ajay Devgn. Ajay chatted with his fans before the release of Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. For all those who missed the action, here are the excerpts:

Ajay Devgn: Hi this is Ajay Devgn

aseem: who is ur fav actor
Ajay Devgn: aseem...me

danny: once upon a time in mumbai will be super hit n ajay devgn will win best actor award
Ajay Devgn: danny...God Bless U...I hope so

sonalllllllll: how r u
Ajay Devgn: sonalll...good thank you...little overworked promoting OUATIM

sonam: hello ajay
Ajay Devgn: hi sonam

ricky: saw ur promo 4 aakrosh..amazing
Ajay Devgn: thank you so much ricky...i am also very excited abt that film

sandeep: sir i am big fan of you
Ajay Devgn: thank you so much sandeep

POLASH.Dhaka: pls come to Bangladesh
Ajay Devgn: i would love to come

gapunjabi: so you like bengali food haaaan!!!
Ajay Devgn: i love food...and i love bengali food too

Towhid: Hows it like working with shahidkapoor ????????
Ajay Devgn: towhid...can i answer this qtn later

ricky: sir how it wz workin wid Emraan
Ajay Devgn: ricky....good

Bev D: Would you like to work with Sushmita Sen? I think u would make a great combination.
Ajay Devgn: bev d...ive worked with sush earlier....dont mind working with her again

Aryan$: ajay u like working wd Kangana Ranout?
Ajay Devgn: aryan...yes

weluvkajol: how is kajol doing?
Ajay Devgn: kajol is fine

weluvkajol: have you watched fanaa and mnik yet???
Ajay Devgn: ive watched FANAA...still have to watch MNIK

parm47: hi sir am parm ur biggest fan
Ajay Devgn: thank you parm so much

Towhid: wht type of books do u like 2 read ???????
Ajay Devgn: towhid...dont have the patience to read much

francesca01: Hi Ajay! Kisses from Italy. Admire you and your work is like watching Taj Mahal 1000 times
Ajay Devgn: francesca...thank you

ricky: would u ever work wid srk?
Ajay Devgn: ricky...why not?

weluvkajol: when is toonpur ka superhero releasing
Ajay Devgn: dec 18

mantra27765: achha kajol khana bhi banati hai?
Ajay Devgn: bilkul nahi mantra...main banata hoon

melmosa02: hi ajay sir best wishes to you and your wife from vienna - any plans visiting vienna?
Ajay Devgn: not in the near future. but we would love to come there

Bev D: Hey Mr Ajay Devgan, would you like to work with Lara again? You did work well with her previously.
Ajay Devgn: i think she is a friend and i would love to work with her

sonalllllllll: ajay aapki fav. movies kaunsi hey
Ajay Devgn: sonalll...u mean any film or my film?

sonam: i like ur last movie raajneeti a lot
Ajay Devgn: sonam...thank you so much

ricky: ouatim wil be blockbuster
Ajay Devgn: thanks once agin...i hope u like it

arpit: hey ajay...r u coming to indore for promotions??
Ajay Devgn: arpit...no little stuck...wanted to come there

weluvkajol: what is your number one priority?
Ajay Devgn: my daughter

Debasis Mishra: A big Fan from my school days Since "Phool aur Kante"
Ajay Devgn: thank you debasis

Priyanka Brij...: how are you and how is kajol i just love her acting?
Ajay Devgn: priyanka...we r fine and I'll pass her the compliment

ricky: sir is toonpur a animation film?
Ajay Devgn: ricky...its animation live

ricky: hve u quit smoking
Ajay Devgn: no i havent

ashmeet: i love ur movie THE LEGEND OF BHAGAT SINGH
Ajay Devgn: ashmeet..its one of my favs also

Ajay Devgn: abhishek...pls watch it and you will knw

Avniiii: What are your future films?
Ajay Devgn: avniii...Aakrosh after OUATIM, then golmaal 3, toonpur, dil to bachcha hai ji

Krishna_Lall: Hi Mr. Devgan, I was wondering if you and Salman Khan are going to ever come back in a film together
Ajay Devgn: Krishna...whenever we get the right script

weluvkajol: what is the one quality that you love most abt kajol?
Ajay Devgn: her honesty

Avniiii: Ajay ji what is the secret of being happily married???
Ajay Devgn: avnii...i am still figuring it out

Krishna_Lall: Also Mr. Devgan, almost 20 years in your career, which has been your best film so far?
Ajay Devgn: krishnaa...lots of them...cant pick any one

weluvkajol: kajol the mother or kajol the wife?
Ajay Devgn: i think both

weluvkajol: are you and kajol going to make a film with rohit Shetty
Ajay Devgn: nothing planned as yet

Avniiii: What is your Favourite dish & why??? & am sure you can cook too??
Ajay Devgn: avniii...my fav dish ....anything Non veg

PAM472: HI SIR songs of ouatim is awesome
Ajay Devgn: pam...thank you

silkzent: hey ajay....u r my fav actor...i was wondering, if i come up with an idea for a great script,..i m a filmmaker in Australia
Ajay Devgn: silkzent...mail me one then

flute: when is the baby due?
Ajay Devgn: october beginning

Boman D: Would you like to work with David Dhawanji. Great fun combination?
Ajay Devgn: boman...i am working with david under sanjay dutt's home production

vishal: why you changed your name from Vishal to Ajay ?
Ajay Devgn: too many vishals being launched at that time

francesca01: ajay, kisses from Itayl. do u remember to think about a movie based on ghost stories in Goa?
Ajay Devgn: didnt get you francesca?

Nirajj: ajay saab,namaste,am talking to u for the 4th time in last 10 months,i wonder am i dreaming?Thank u
Ajay Devgn: Nirajj...pinch urself

Nirajj: ajay saab,Legend of Bhagat Singh had a lot of Anti-Gandhi stuff. Do you also agree with it?
Ajay Devgn: nirajj....we showed what history said

selvi: hi i liked ur movie london dreams with salman. ur acting was awesome
Ajay Devgn: selvi...thank you so much

Sana Naveed: salam sir may nay suna hai kay aap om shanti om 2 kar rahe hai as a villain
Ajay Devgn: sana....lekin maine nahin suna hai

Arvya: aapko wapas ek bar action Movie me dekhana tha wo shayad Ab pura hoga
Ajay Devgn: arvya...haan Aakrosh aa rahi hai but pls watch OUATIM before that

avi234: Vishal, when u r going to win filmfare best actor award or u r satisfied wid 2 national awards
Ajay Devgn: avi...i've got some filmfare awards too

Rahul Khanna: are you sure abt the success of ouatim?
Ajay Devgn: Rahul...its a fantastic film...success depends on you guys

Nirajj: music played an important role for opening but we felt cheated when full songs didnt appear in films?
Ajay Devgn: nirajj...which film?

ruchi: hey ajay sir its been gr8 seein u in a new Moustache look
Ajay Devgn: ruchi...thanks

jatt47: sir do u like PRACHIS ACTING?
Ajay Devgn: jatt...i think she is decent

Nirajj: bollywood may not match hollywood in technique but is at par as far as art is concerned.what do u think?
Ajay Devgn: niraj...i think so

flute: how do you balance family life and films? which takes priority?
Ajay Devgn: flute...family takes priority

timor2007: Hi Ajay you will rock this year by 5 super hit movie do have any movie Prakash Jha
Ajay Devgn: timor...he is working on a script

dulkhar: Hello sir, so far for ouatim only 1 negative review on twitter by abhijeet majumdar in Midday.
Ajay Devgn: who is abhijeet majumdar?

Bev D: I think you r one actor which can play any role and do really well. Keep up the good Work sir!
Ajay Devgn: thank you bev d

Ajay Devgn: guys gotto rush...lots to do before release...hope youll watch the film and love it and let me know on my facebook official page.

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