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Monikangana expresses herself in Guzaarish

Did you take up any training courses for Guzaarish?
Yes, Sanjay sir put me through a lot of classes, ballet dance classes, not acting classes. Ballet school and contemporary dance classes with Ashley Lobo, Terence, it was so much fun. For a couple of months, actually no one tells you to do anything you know; you have to use your own brain. Finally its you, who is doing the role. It is your own talent. I had to think a lot how to play Estella. No one told me how to play Estella, it was my point of view my perception of how I play Estella. They would give me a scene and I was asked to do it the way I want too. It was very different; there was freedom of expressing oneself.

Monikangana Dutta
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Your character Estella is that of Hrithik's ex-lover in Guzaarish?
Watch the film for that.

Can you tell me the nuances of the character?
You'll have to ask my director, I can't talk about it, I am under contract.

How was it being with Aishwarya on the sets?
It was lovely. She is a wonderful person. Very warm.

Did she help you out? How was the general environment out there?
We all helped each other out. Trust me it was a wonderful team I worked with. It was a dream team. I think I want to work with them again, and again and again, because they were all loving and there was no hoo hoo chu chaaa on the set. You know we were like one family so, we all helped each other, we all were there for each other, we all gave each other so much love, lots of warmth.

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