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Khans are the Baap of Bollywood: Sharad Malhotra

Written by: Tarneet Puri
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Do you think that the industry belongs to Khans?

Khans have ruled the industry for 20 years. They are the baap of Bollywood industry and 'baap, baap rahege aur bete, bete rahenge'. But there is a lot of work for others also. Now so many new directors, producers and investors are coming in. I am hoping that I will get a lot of work from the industry. I would not say that the industry belongs to the Khans, but they definitely are the trendsetters. They have inspired us a lot. We have grown up watching them.

They say that it is more easier for star sons to get into the industry. Comment.

Yes, it's an advantage for them because it's kind of a silver spoon. But I think it's time to move over godfathers and godmothers. If Shahrukh Khan can come to industry with no grand parents, I think anybody can. He has set an example for everybody. Every actor should believe that they can do it. Though Prateek Chakravorty is the one who bought me to this industry, I feel that if I did not have the talent, I would not have been here.

How has your life changed after your TV show Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan?

Life has changed a lot after Dulhan. Dulhan gave me a lot. It was my first show on television and it has given me thousands of fans, it has given me enormous amount of love, respect. I have got so much from my first show. I really thank god for it. It's something I never expected. It's been like a dream come true. But I want to tell all the aspiring actors who want to become hero, who want to become Shahrukh Khan, it's not that easy though it looks very rosy and glamorous but it takes a lot to stay in Bombay to work in the industry. It does not happen overnight. 'Koi bhi superstar overnight nahi banta'. It takes a lot of hard work. And luck factor is also very important. After my first show, I was not working at all, out of choice but I have been through the major highs and lows of my life in those three years. I really thank god for giving me the opportunity to perform in front of the camera again and I would just love to entertain people as much as I can now.

You just said that you faced the major highs and lows of your life after Dulhan. Tell us about your struggles?

After winning a dozen of awards on television and having a show which was No. 1, I was not working at all for three years. So, it was really frustrating for me because you are working for 15 hours for two and a half years and then all of a sudden, you are just doing nothing at all and waiting for that right break to come. There were times, I used to cry and get very irritated. I used to break down, honestly. But I had my friends around, my family around. It was like after reaching a certain height aap neeche girte hai to bahot takleef hoti hai. But I am glad that I fell down kyunki agar mein girunga nahi toh I will not realize when I am climbing new heights. It's very important to treat failure in the same way as success. You should always believe in yourself. You have to believe in what you are doing. Luckily, those three years have passed. I am very excited for my movie but at the same time, I am nervous because I don't know how people will react to see me after three and a half years.

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