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Send Poonam Pandey to Arctic ocean: Sharad Malhotra

Written by: Tarneet Puri
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Today every new actress is ready to expose to come in the limelight. What's your take on that?

To each its own. It's about promoting oneself, at times it could be shedding your clothes or at times wearing maximum number of clothes. Depends on person to person. It all comes under marketing and promotion. Sab Ek hi thaali ke chate batte hai. Woman who might lack talent a bit might expose to cover it up. But let me tell you, I am not exposing for anything. I am very happy to be a guy and I am not gonna expose for promotions.

So, you don't want to follow Salman Khan's steps, who is famous for exposing his body and removing his shirt?

We all love Salman Khan. He is a trendsetter. But it's okay to remove your clothes in films, but at times people say to do such things for promotions. Again it's a different take for everybody. It's not something that should not happen. If a girl wants to shed off her clothes, it's totally her call. Personally I feel that in a country, which is so amazingly famous for its beautiful culture and traditional value, we should kind of avoid it as it does not set a very good example for the coming generation. So, I think apart from shedding clothes there are other ways also to attract people. Even when you go out to watch a movie with your parents, you would definitely don't want to see these things which are unsuitable for viewing. If you have a good script, you don't have to take off anything.

What would you say to models like Poonam Pandey and Rozlyn Khan who are posting their nude pictures on Twitter to get publicity. What's your message to them?

I have heard of Poonam Pandey, but I have not heard of the other one. Well, my message to them is to wear some clothes. They seriously need to wear some clothes. As I said, India is such a beautiful country, we should maintain our culture. You will definitely get attention when you will remove your clothes, but it's not the right way because it's not setting a good example. Just drag these girls to the most coldest place on the planet and leave them there and let's see if they can still stay nude. Pick them up and leave them in the Arctic ocean and don't give them a single piece of cloth and let's see if they can still maintain that image. And if they do then hats off to them.

Tell us about your dream role?

I think my dream role would be anything from being a Vijay Dinanath Chauhan from Agneepath to Raj Malhotra in DDLJ to being 'Mr India' to finally settling at 'Gandhi'. I would like to play all the four shades, where there is an angry young man, a lover boy, an entertainer, and then a mature character like Gandhi. The dream role would be the mixture of all the four shades.

How do you rate yourself as an actor?

Oh, I can't praise myself. I think you should be asking this to people who are watching me. I don't want to rate myself because once you start rating yourself, you become very stagnant. The reason why I left my show three years back, I wanted to grow and learn more. But yes, if somebody will say 'sir, I would give you 9 on 10,' I will tell him to come and give me a tight hug. But I am very happy without the rating.

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