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Salman Khan could donate sperms to carry his legacy forward!

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While half the world seems to be waiting for Salman Khan to get married, the 46-year-young superstar seems to be in no hurry to get hitched. Moreover, he’s recently been in news for putting out a perception that he doesn’t wish to marry at all. Now that’s a big dampener, considering he’s one of the most eligible bachelors in the industry.

“Marry Salman Khan is a dream thousands of girls live with. Salman has said it earlier that he believes in the institution of marriage, so I don’t think he wouldn’t marry at all. His much-discussed recent comments might have been exaggerated by the media, or said in jest,” analyses Bollywood PR specialist Dale Bhagwagar.

Probably getting too carried away by the recent release, Vicky Donor, Dale quips, “But if Salman really decides to stay single, the least he can do is start donating sperms, so that his indomitable legacy can be carried forward.” He further adds, “Think about it. There are so many girls ready to marry Salman Khan! In that case, there might just be double the number, who’d seek children from him, in case he gets into sperm donation mood.”

We’re not sure if Dale is serious or joking! But technicalities and legalities apart, this sure sounds like a fabulous idea. Just imagine! There could be a whole Salman Khan clan in a few years from now! A whole lot of kids… baby Salman Khans! Now now! We know what you are thinking! That we’ve got too carried away by the Vicky Donor wave or just gone bonkers! Lol! Maybe you are correct. We need to stop right here!

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