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Top 10 Bollywood flops of 2012!

In a nation like India, where actors are almost worshipped, Bollywood movies play a good entertainment. Every year, we get to watch out several Bollywood releases, some are memorable and some are just not worth it.

Similarly, the year 2012 too has presented us with some great Bollywood movies which earned massive business at the Box Office. While a few others fell flat at the collection centres. Surprisingly, despite big stars, movies like Joker, Aiyyaa, Teri Meri Kahaani and a few more, did not do well at the Box Office.

Films like Dangerous Isqh, Aiyyaa and Joker made a great buzz all over before the release. In fact, it was also predicted that these movies might turn blockbusters of 2012, unfortunately all predictions turned false, when the viewers gave a thumbs down to these movies. Here's the list of top 10 flops of 2012.

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