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Aamir Khan's Dhoom 3 Trailer Review: A Copy Of NYSM?

Ever since Aditya Chopra confirmed the casting of Aamir Khan for Dhoom 3, film goers were eagerly waiting to see the trailer of the movie. The theatrical trailer of the film, which was released on YouTube on October 30, has got overwhelming response. It has been viewed by 1 million people on this video-sharing website. The video has received mixed reviews from the viewers. A few say that it is a copy of Now You See Me.

The trailer of Dhoom 3 shows that the movie will have more style and panache than its prequels. Most of the viewers have liked the looks of Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Katrina Kaif, its grand visual effects, breathtaking action and stunts and background score. But one complaint that many have against the film is that the main concept has been copied from Hollywood movie Now You See Me.

After watching the Dhoom 3 trailer, Dheeraj Edge comments, "Lol... the magicians stealing concept is more similar like in Hollywood movie-Now You See Me and the bike fighting scene seems to like they are originally from another Hollywood movie-Torque..lol."

Sooraj Nair comments, "#Withduerespect - The movie seems like the ditto copy of the Hollywood movie 'Now you see me' ! - Background music is copied from 'Max Payne 1' & 'Need for Speed MW'. - Poster is copied from 'Dark Night Rises'. - Some scenes are taken from the movie 'The Prestige' ! Just one question.. Dear Aamir Khan, Where is perfection now!"

Ahmad Ali argues, "Like this comment so everyone see it. For the last time "Now You See Me" was released this year, this movie was completed like last year. How can it be a copy of it, guys please use your brains?"

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