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Famous Dialogues Of Indian Cinema

Everyday we encounter people who are mouthing some famous dialogues from one movie or the other. From the very early days of our life, speaking filmi dialogues and enacting famous scenes from the bollywood movies become an integral part of our life. Hundred's of movies are released every year in India but only a few remain in the heart of the the audience in years to come. The reason that some of these films prove to be evergreen are the dialogues.

Who can forget the famous dialogue of Amitabh Bachchan "Jao jaake pehle us aadmi ka sign lekar aao, jisne mere haath par yeh likh diya ki...mera baap chor hai." from Deewar or Shatrughan Sinha's "Jali ko aag kehte hain, bhuji ko raakh kehte hain, jis raakh se barood bane usey Vishwanath kehte hain," from the movie Vishwanath. It's the dialogues which carry the movie forward and makes us laugh, cry, angry etc. We get to know about the character on-screen by the what he speaks. Recently, Milan Luthria gave the big hit Once Upon A Time In Mumbai and the USP of the film was it's dialogues and then followed it with the blockbuster The Dirty Picture which again was strong in the dialogues department.

There used to be a time when the audience can sit for three and a half hours in a movie theater but the times have changed. It is almost impossible for the movie makers to fit so many emotions, feelings, information without use of dialogues like the earlier films used to do. Go through the slider to see some of the most famous dialogues of Indian Cinema.

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