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Ten Highest Paid Bollywood Actresses of 2013


Bollywood is the Indian Hollywood and movies that are churned out from this industry are made with a huge budget. Crores of money are spent on making a film, and if the movie turns out to be a disaster at the box office, the producers might even land up on the streets!

Every year witnesses hundreds of films being released in tinselville, both big and small budget movies. Most of the leading actors and actresses have thousands of fans across the globe who love them. In countries like Russia and the Middle East, people simply love the music and songs in Bollywood films.

To make a movie that is loved by the audience, the producers have to make sure that they get the most popular and successful actors in the industry and that is a huge task, considering that these mega stars don't come at a small price! The stars have to be paid handsomely for them to agree to do the film.

Depending on hits and flops, every year sees different set of stars in the list of 'Highest Paid Stars'. While the 'Khan's' rule Bollywood among the actors, the actresses who rule the roost are many. Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Katrina Kaif are among the highest paid actresses in Bollywood.

Click on the slider to know the ten highest paid actresses of Bollywood in the year 2013 and find out how much money they make!

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