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I Am Free Even After Marriage - Kareena Kapoor


Kareena Kapoor aka Bebo will be essaying the role of a Reporter for the first time in her upcoming film Satyagraha. Kareena plays an extremely pivotal role in Prakash Jha's next.

The character portrayed by Kareena Kapoor in Satyagraha is an extremely honest and diligent journalist who thinks that it is her duty to make people aware of things happening in the country, even if it means putting her life at risk.

In an exclusive interview with Oneindia reporter Sonika Mishra, Kareena Kapoor said that after essaying the role of a reporter in Satyagraha, her respect for journalists has increased.

Read on to know all that Kareena shared during the interview on the personal and professional front....

Tell us something about your character in Satyagraha. After playing the role of a journalist in the film, has your opinion regarding them changed in any manner? Do you feel that it is wrong on the part of the journalists to publish matters related to an actors' personal life?
I play a very strong role in the film ...of that of a journalist who is a firm believer of 'truth'. I am aware that when you are a journalist, a sense of responsibility automatically comes in...especially among those journalists who truthfully and honestly do their job of 'Reporting'.

In the film, I don't play an Entertainment Journalist. However, I understand that they are only doing their job. What they write about our personal life and the various methods they adopt to get to know them is out of compulsion as they don't have a choice. I am not sure about other stars, but we completely support journalists.

If you were a journalist in real life and were to interview any Bollywood personality, who would it be?
I would definitely NOT be interested in interviewing any Bollywood personality because so much has been written about them by you journalists that everything about them has become 'boring'! But yes, if I were a journalist in 'real' life, I would have liked to interview a Hollywood star...especially Brad Pitt. By being a journalist, I would have liked to do some interesting interviews.

Satyagraha is your first film after your marriage with Saif Ali Khan. Though this may seem like a very common question, tell us whether you feel any different from how you felt before marriage?
I don't feel or see any difference. When I go to the sets, everything seems just the way it used to be. I am the same 'Kareena' that I used to be and Saif too remains the same guy that I knew before marriage. Our life is just the same even after marriage. When an actress gets married, the media's opinion about her changes. I get surprised when people ask me how I feel after marriage. Saif and I were in love and got married. But nothing has changed after that.

Most girls complain that their husbands are not the same and have changed after marriage. Did you notice any such change in Saif's demeanour after marriage?
Saif is the same what he used to be while we were dating. Even today, I feel the same (as compared to when we were dating) when we are together. Both Saif and I haven't changed post marriage. Perhaps that's the reason why we still love and understand each other. I pray that Saif doesn't change in future too.

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Kareena Kapoor
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