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Bollywood Speaks Up On Katrina's Recent Bikini Act

The fuss around Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif's recent bikini act doesn't seem to die out soon. The gorgeous actress felt betrayed after the media encroached on her personal space by printing photographs of Ranbir Kapoor and her, on vacation. Kat was so upset over this issue, that she went on to write an open letter to the media.

According to Katrina Kaif's open letter, she is very upset since the pictures were clicked without her permission, that too when she was on a private vacation. "The pictures were taken while I was on holiday by someone who, in an act of cowardice, has shot without permission and then used the pictures for commercial gain," the letter read.

"I request that all media running these pictures please refrain from doing so. I have a wonderful relationship with the media and have been accessible to the media at all times. There is no reason for this furtive and invasive behaviour," the letter further read.

We have time and again witnessed the media intruding into the personal space of several celebrities. This has been a debatable topic, and several celebrities too have raised their voices against this so-called "unethical practice" by the media.

Let's check out what our Bollywood stars have to say regarding this:

Shahrukh Khan

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