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What Made SRK-Salman End Their Fight?

What could be a better news than superstars Shahrukh and Salman Khan finally ending their six years old rivalry. Sounds unbelievable! Right? But, it was indeed a miracle that happened on Sunday (21st July) evening at Mumbai's Iftar party. Now we and the Khan fans wonder how did this miracle actually happened?

Reportedly, MLA Baba Siddique hosted an Iftar party in Mumbai on Sunday evening, which was attended by two of the biggest rivals of the tinselville- Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. It happened so that Salman hugged SRK at the party, by ending their decade old rivalry. Witnessing this, a thrilled Siddique said that he wishes that Shahrukh and Salman's friendship stays forever. "Maybe they wanted to do so, thats why they did. I have known both of them for years," Siddique told a leading daily.

What could be the possible reasons behind this sudden patch up? It might have happened that the duo actors thought that they have had enough of fights, hence they chose to shake hands like gentlemen. Else, did Baba Siddique played the peacemaker between the duo? It might have also happened that SRK and Salman wanted to surprise their fans by hugging each other! We wonder if another Karan-Arjun is in the pipeline! What you think guys?


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