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Top 10 Bollywood's Expensive Movies


Bollywood is getting famous around the world and even Hollywood celebrities are admiring Indian movies. Some of them are even looking forward to working in Bollywood. People around the world are in love with Indian movies because of the factor that it has drama, emotion, romance and action that they get to see all in one single movie. Singing and dancing is not the only thing that is making Bollywood extravagant from other films but lots of action and happy endings are also cherished.

But for now the whole concept of making expensive movies is getting more dominant in the industry with new themes and story lines coming up. Most of these movies are action or adventure based movies because of the extravagant locations and heavy machinery equipments that are used to carry out stunts.

Expensive movies usually is a success among the audience and fans love to see big budgeted films with extravagant sets, costumes and visual effects effects. Dhoom 3 is one of the recent example of expensive movies that already has fans awaiting the movies release. From the high end actors, big locations, stunts, costumes, songs and special effects, Dhoom 3 has covered everything and has even gotten tremendous reviews by fans even before its release. Hence making big budget movies a trend in the current Bollywood industry.

Some of the most expensive movies made in Bollywood are listed below. Click the pictures to see...

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