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5 Times Aamir Khan Copied From Hollywood

Aamir Khan has been surrounded by controversies over his nude poster of P.K. Not only the nudity, but the poster of P.K. is also making headlines as it is copied from an album cover of a Portuguese musician named Quim Barreiros.

In the controversial poster of P.K., Aamir is posing nude and has only covered his assets with the help of a transistor. Well this is not the first time Aamir Khan tried to copy from Hollywood. Mr. Perfectionist has even in the past copied some movie posters which are inspired from Hollywood ones. For example, the poster of Talaash drew inspiration from Tom Cruise's movie, Ghost Protocol. Even Aamir's one of the hit movies, Ghajini which is a remake of South film of the same name had a poster which is inspired from the movie, Hulk, The Incredible.

It is not just the movie posters, Aamir has also copied looks and scenes from Hollywood movies. For example, the much talked about first look of Aamir in blockbuster hit, Dhoom 3 is inspired from The Dark Knight Rises. So, we decided to take a look at the many times Aamir copied Hollywood. Be it posters, looks or scenes, we have jotted down the pics where Aamir copied from Hollywood.

Take a look at the posters shown in the slide and you will know that there is no inspiration going on, it is a sheer replica of their posters and looks.

5 Times Aamir Khan Copied From Hollywood:

5 Times Aamir Khan Copied From Hollywood
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