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Actresses Who Failed In Bollywood Despite Skin Show

Bollywood is not an easy place to set foot, and even if you get an opportunity, there is no assurance that you'll click in movies. It's not at all easy to make a mark in Bollywood. That's when Bollywood actresses decide to expose so that they can garner attention from the audiences as well as the filmmakers.

Some actresses are able to move forward like Bipasha Basu and Sunny Leone but others like Mallika Sherawat are just left desperately trying to make it as an actress. Bipasha Basu entered with bold films like Jism and Raaz, both invovled bold scenes but the actress managed to grow from there and at one time she was the most sought after actress in town. Even today she has a good name in the industry and has films lined up, her upcoming movie is Hrithik Roshan starrer Bang Bang. So she had a good innings in the industry.

Sunny Leone came to Bollywood after having worked in the adult film industry for a long time so the kind of films she is offered involves those where she has to either expose or do intimate scenes with her co-stars. But in spite of all this she has managed to make good films and is now one of the most sought after actresses in Bollywood.

Sometimes the actors stoop down to any level to make their presence felt. And some of the actresses even resort to skin show owing to the script demand. But some of them fail miserably and prove the fact that bold scenes not always pull the audience to the theatre. For some it may work, but these actresses belong to that category who have failed to make their presence felt in spite of their extreme and bold skin show.

Check out the Bollywood actresses who flopped big time and failed to make it in the top league even after resorting to some high level skin show.

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