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Khiladi Akshay Kumar Talks About Holiday n More...

Bollywood's Khiladi Akshay Kumar is going to be seen on the silver screen with his upcoming film, Holiday. The actor who started with action has also been the King of comedy. However, the versatile actor always wishes to try his hands in different and challenging roles, rather than restricting himself to action and comedy genres.

Here is an exclusive interview with the versatile Khiladi Akshay Kumar on his next release, Thuppaki's remake Holiday.

Q: Holiday is the next South remake which stars you in the lead role. Like other contemporaries, are you also considering south remakes?

A: When I signed the film offer, that time the movie was not done. We were about to make the film when A. R. Murugadoss said that he wanted to make the south film first. So, first the South film Thuppaki was released, and then we decided to make it in Hindi as well. It is not that we prefer south remakes as they are already made and are a hit.

Q: Tell us something about Holiday. What is the specialty of your upcoming movie?

A: A. R. Murugadoss is well known for his unique and creative thoughts, and we can see that in his films like Ghajini and many other Tamil movies. We named the movie Holiday as the story is based on the lives of soldiers who come to their home town after months. The story is about a soldier who meets Sleeper Sales which is not known to many people in India. In fact, I too came to get more information on Sleeper Sales while shooting. These are among the oldest group of terrorists. They stay in cities and suddenly attack or indulge in other terrorist movement. These people stay around us and get adjusted with us so we do not realise their real intentions and their being a terrorist. Overall, the film is very unique and exciting.

Q: What made you sign Holiday?

A: I said Yes when I heard just the half story from Vipul Amrutlal Shah. The first half of the story was so interesting that I did not think about listening to the rest of it. I got more interested after hearing about the movie from Murugadoss. For me the story of the film holds a special importance.

Q: Is it true that you have shed 12 kg weight for Holiday?

A: What do you think (laughs)? You have met me before as well so you can tell me if I have lost weight or not.

Q: Does Box office, story of the film, viewers preference matters the most to you?

A: For me the story of the film is very important. Yes, the box office is also important but I think audience are much interested in content and story of the film. A good story is what makes the film hit. As I said to media during Boss promotions, selling the film based on the lead actor is something which no more works. The viewers these days have changed a lot and wish to watch good movies and good stories. Although Holiday is not my type of a film, I did because the story was very interesting. Holiday is a serious thriller film.

Q: Tell us something about the action sequences in the film.

A: The film has real action stints which I have done myself without using cables. It is not like over-action scenes which were seen in Boss. When you watch Holiday, you can make out that the action sequences are real.

Q: These days you are not only doing action or comedy movies. You are doing movies like Holiday, Fugly, Gabbar and It's Entertainment. What is the reason behind it?

A: I always try to do something new and different. The media and audience have also changed a lot and they wish to see something new. They can immediately know when you are monotonous. You will never see me doing one type of films.

Q: These days sex comedies are becoming a hit. Do you wish to make or work in a sex comedy?

A: I think sex comedy is an interesting genre. Years back I have done Garam Masala which was a sex comedy. If I get a nice script, I will definitely do it. Grand Masti was a hit and audience loved it as well. I would love to do such sex comedy films.

Q: Tell us something that you have experienced with your co-star Sonakshi so far.

A: I have worked with many actresses who take long hours to get ready or sit in their van. But Sonakshi is not like these contemporaries. She comes on time, is hard working and focuses much on work.

Q: Which factor of a film inspires you to do it?

A: As I have told you, if I like a story or topic, I try to connect with it. I liked the topic of Fugly so I thought to produce it. I can't be a part of the whole film so try to be a part of a good film as a producer.

Khiladi Akshay Kumar Talks About Holiday n More...
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