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The Bad Side Of Our Bollywood Celebrities

There are always some special qualities that we like in our favourite Bollywood celebrity. From building career of budding stars to helping out the poor, we have our set of good Bollywood stars who make us fall all the more in love with them.

But like the two sides of a coin, we also have seen some bad side of these loved celebrities in Bollywood. For example, Salman Khan might be well known for his good deeds and his social work. However, he like any human being has a bad side. Salman is said to be very short tempered. His tiff with the media and sometimes fans is well known. Recently, Salman Khan also slapped one of his bodyguards at an event when the bodyguard misbehaved with one of his fans. Salman said that he is what he is because of the fans! However, slapping your bodyguard for doing his job is a little hard to digest.

We have other Bollywood celebrities who have a worst side. For example, Kareena Kapoor who is known as the tantrum queen of Bollywood is very arrogant. Her cat fights are well known to people. However, Kareena also feels superior. Some say it is her over-confidence which is misunderstood as arrogance.

Shahrukh Khan on the other side is also known for his arrogance. However, it is his sarcasm most of the times which is misunderstood. Here is a look at the bad side of our favourite Bollywood celebrities.

The Bad Side Of Our Bollywood Celebrities:

The Bad Side Of Our Bollywood Celebrities

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