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Best On-Screen Girl 'Friends' Who Inspires Us

Who says girls don't make good friends? They might fight, get jealous or be over-possessive, but at the end of the day, they are some of the best friends you can have. Seeing leading Bollywood actresses indulging in cat fights due to various reasons is a fact of life, but we have seen some nice female friendship on-screen as well.

There are many Bollywood movies based on friendship where we saw buddies including men chilling out and standing for each other in good as well as bad times. In some Bollywood movies we have seen only the female bonding. The latest example is Queen. In the movie, we have seen Kangana Ranaut and Lisa Haydon share some really good friendship on-screen.

Other Bollywood movies where we saw girlfriends (not the typical girlfriends but girl friends) who have inspired many women in real life as well. Who says you can't have a female best friend. Take Fashion for example, Priyanka Chopra and Mugdha Godse are really good friends. Although they face ups and downs in their friendship, they get back again and till the end of the movie,we see Pee Chee and Mugdha playing really good friends. Mugdha helps Priyanka Chopra set her modelling career. After getting fame, Priyanka somewhere loses her friend, Mugdha. However, things get back normal and Mugdha helps the depressed model, Priyanka come back with a bang.

Here is a list of best female friends on-screen.

Best On-Screen Girlfriends Who Inspires Us:

Best On-Screen Girl 'Friends' Who Inspires Us
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