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Best Saree Scenes From Bollywood Movies

Saree is one of the most sexiest and traditional Indian attire which can make men fall on their knees. If worn with style and carried with oomph, a saree can make you feel and look all the more gorgeous. There are many gorgeous Bollywood queens who made saree one of the most fashionable attires. From Vidya Balan to Madhuri Dixit, some leading ladies of Bollywood have donned saree with style and elegance.

Saree scenes in Bollywood hold a special significance in some movies. For example, seeing firang beauty, Katrina Kaif in saree is a treat to the eyes and imaginations. Although the actress has donned sarees in songs, we would always love to see more of this actress in saree scenes.

Certain saree scenes in Bollywood movies have gathered a lot of attention. For example, when we see Kajol's transformation from a tom boy to a typical desi girl, we were left amazed. We cannot forget the several saree scenes that we saw in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Be it the saree scene while playing basketball with Shahrukh or the rain dance, the saree scenes gathered a lot of attention.


The best part about saree scenes is, some of the sarees go ahead to become a fashion trend. For example, Deepika Padukone's blue Manish Malhotra saree from Badtameez Dil became a rage. Almost all shops had the blue saree on mannequins.

It is not a new thing in Bollywood. Certain saree scenes have already been in fashion trend in the past as well. For example, the orange and golden saree of Mumtaz in Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche song became a trend then.

So, there are many saree scenes in Bollywood movies which are unexpectedly good and can increase the fan following. Take a look...

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Best Saree Scenes From Bollywood Movies

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