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Big Budget Bollywood Films That Got Shelved Forever

The film makers announce a project with much excitement, throwing lavish parties etc, some even go to the extent of launching the trailer of the movie, but after that kya? we don't hear from them ever again.

Don't mistake these movies for the small budget ones, as these are all big budget films announced by big film makers with the biggest star cast but still the project never saw the light of day and got shelved forever. Rajkumar Santhoshi, a noted filmmaker announced many such projects and launched trailers but we never got to see those movies at all. It's not just him, popular movie franchise, the Munnabhai series was supposed to have a third installment, you must have heard of Munnabhai Chale Amerika?

Well, did u happen to catch that movie in the theater? It's been more than a year the film was announced, but thanks to Sanjay Dutt's jail term, the film was shelved mid way. Similarly many such movies were hyped and launched with much grandeur but that is all, silently and mysteriously all these movies went on back burner and were never heard of again.

Most of these movies had completed shooting half way, some even full and then the makers suddenly decided to shelve it for reasons unknown. Some film malers even went onto use the names for other movies and dumped this one all together. While the reasons for movies that got shelved due to Sanjay Dutt is known, reasons for why the other movies were abandoned like that are not known. Let's check out these big budget Bollywood movies that got shelved forever.

Big Budget Bollywood Films That Got Shelved Forever:

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