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Biggest Movie Bloopers In Bollywood

We all are extremely in love with Bollywood movies and everything that it surrounds. But every now and then we come across some instances or moments which make us wonder, "What were they thinking?" or "Seriously? You think we are that dumb?"

Some mistakes here and there is fine, we forgive them for such minor faults as major portion of our attention goes to the story and the actors. But sometimes these filmmakers take us for granted and commit such obvious mistakes and expect us to not notice them. Do they do it purposely or is it an honest mistake, we do not know! But they definitely grab our attention.

We are talking about on screen bloopers that these filmmakers often tend to make mistakes in the name of creative liberty and hope that the audiences will not notice and even if they notice they might lust lay off it.

For example in a scene in Jab Tak Hai Jaan starring Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. There are quite a few faux-pas in the movie that are worth mentioning. Anushka aka Akira is shown jumping off a small cliff in the middle of a lake in her puma branded swim wear just after saying ‘Jai mata Di'. What is confusing though is how she managed to get on the cliff in the middle of the lake without getting a drop of water on her perfect body?
If this was not enough, in a conversation with Shahrukh, Akira tells him that she is National level swimmer. Really? How is it then that you almost drowned in the lake you jumped in and Major Samar had to rescue you? Huh?

Well this is what we are talking about, silly and stupid blunders in the name of creativity. Here are seven on screen movie mistakes that will make you look at films more closely.

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