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Bollywood Actresses Who Lie About Their Age

It is not unusual for women to hide their age. In fact it is a sin to ask the age of a woman! So how can Bollywood's gorgeous actresses reveal their exact age to their fans? There are many Bollywood actresses who hide their age and lie about it.

While actresses like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit do not hide their age and talk about it openly, there are some who do not want to show that they are growing old. Or is it that they feel age is just a number. Well, in some cases it may be true as the actresses are growing old with grace.

Some Bollywood actresses like Katrina Kaif, Gauhar Khan and Mallika Sherawat do not disclose their real age at all. They keep it a secret and do not wish to grow old as well. For example, Katrina Kaif who looks like the Barbie Doll has always lied about her age. The Bang Bang actress said that she is younger than Ranbir Kapoor. Well this raised a doubt as the actress was born in 1981. Ranbir Kapoor on the other side is born in 1982.

Here is a look at Bollywood actresses who lie about their age.

Bollywood Actresses Who Lie About Their Age:

Bollywood Actresses Who Lie About Their Age
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