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Bollywood Actresses Who Wore Lingerie For Photoshoots

Bollywood actresses are very confident about their body and so they easily agree to wear a bikini on screen. When an actress can wear a bikini, then how far is a lingerie for them? Well, Not far I guess! For the actresses don't think twice about appearing in a lingerie on magazine covers.

Almost every Bollywood actress has worn lingerie for magazine photo shoots, from Priyanka Chopra to Sunny Leone to Kangana Ranaut. Recently Kangana wore a very hot black lingerie for a GQ magazine cover shoot. The actress had no qualms in appearing such a itsy bitsy outfit. Well she definitely had the body for it and the actress looked super hot too.

Bollywood has been blessed with some of the most beautiful faces of the world. These actresses simply set the silver screen on fire with their sex appeal. Whether it is their attractive figure or their sensuous moves, these divas of Bollywood have been the fantasies of a number of men worldwide. Though many stars in Hollywood have posed in sexy lingerie, it is a bold step for Indian actresses.

Maxim is one of the leading magazines which usually has Bollywood actress wearing lingerie on their cover. Almost all Bollywood actresses have worn lingerie for this magazine, of course each actress chose an outfit based on how comfortable they were like Kareena Kapoor who wore revealing outfit but not a lingerie as she is not comfortable in such a outfit but other actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma were seen in their itsy bitsy delicate outfits for magazine shoots.

These actresses shoe this bold side only for magazine photo shoots and not in films. When it comes to movies the actresses are extremely particular about their appearance and unless needed they do not expose. Let's check out Bollywood actresses who have worn lingerie for magazine photo shoots.

Bollywood Actresses Who Wore Lingerie For Photo shoots:

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