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12 Bollywood Celebrities Reaction To Alia Bhatt's Spoof Video

Alia Bhatt's spoof video by the name, Genius Of The Year has become more popular than the Bollywood films that are currently running in the theater. The actress has won over millions of people who have watched this hilarious video for she has actually had the guts to make fun of herself and laugh it off too.

The actress collaborated with All India Bakchod to make this funny video starring Alia as herself and a couple of friends from the industry too enacted in the video. The moment it was launched on Youtube, the video became an instant hit and got over 1 million views within 24 hours, Karan Johar even tweeted about it."

Father Mahesh Bhatt too tweeted about Alia's performance in the video, "Be a God and laugh at yourself". Alia demolishes herself. This is her best performance till date!!"Arjun Kapoor, who is close to Alia was seen reading a joke in the video, "Alia Bhatt is so dumb, she did a Chetan Bhagat movie."

Karan Johar who is always made fun of for his dumb films was seen saying the following lines in the video "They expect a girl to be hot & clever and poor things, that's too much pressure. More importantly, don't they realise, the cleverer they get, the lesser money I will make!"

Bollywood celebrities not only took part in the video to support the pretty damsel but were also seen commenting on the video in the social networking sites. Take a look at what these big Bollywood celebrities thought about her video.

12 Bollywood Celebrities React To Alia Bhatt's Spoof Video

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