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Bollywood Celebrities Who Committed Suicide

It has been one year since the Bollywood's young actress, Jiah Khan had an unfortunate death. The actress apparently committed suicide in her Juhu flat. Jiah Khan was found dead and hanging on June 3rd, 2013.

The New York-born Jiah had worked in a few films which includes the super hit, Ghajini. The sudden death has evoked a lot of attention and still after one year, the suicide continues to remain a mystery. Jiah's mother has vowed to keep the "battle going on".

There have been many attributed reasons behind Jiah Khan's suicide one year back. Jiah's alleged suicide was initially attributed to a lack of assignments, but it was alleged that she was going through a troubled phase in her relationship with actor Aditya Pancholi's son Suraj.

The suicide of Jiah Khan highlights the pressure, frustration and despair that comes in the world of glitz and glamour. Some Bollywood celebrities have succumbed to hopelessness and have committed suicide.

From Marilyn Monroe in Hollywood to Silk Smitha in Bollywood, some of the celebrities committed suicide and ended their lives. It is not just the actresses in Bollywood who have committed suicide. For example, filmmaker and actor Guru Dutt is also said to have committed suicide. His lethal combination of sleeping pills and excessive liquor consumption is debated as an approach to suicide. Guru Dutt was not in good terms with wife Geeta Dutt while Waheeda Rehman whom he was reportedly in love with had also distanced herself from him. Filmmaker Abrar Alvi who was conversing with Dutt on that night claims that he felt Guru Dutt was too dejected.

On the first death anniversary of the cute Jiah Khan, here is a list of celebrities who committed suicide. The list also includes some leading models who ended their lives.

Celebrities Who Committed Suicide:

Bollywood Celebrities Who Committed Suicide
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