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Super Weird Obsessions Of Celebs Like Salman Who Loves Collecting Soaps

Bollywood celebrities have the most weirdest obsessions! Did you know about Salman Khan's obsession for collecting soaps and perfumes. There are many such super weird obsessions of Bollywood celebrities and we are going to be revealing the most weird ones.

Salman Khan's obsession is super weird and who would have figured that the hunky actor who is known as the bad boy of Bollywood would be obsessed with something so weird like soaps. Most celebrities have obsessions but those are something that is quite common like how Vidya Balan has an obsession for buying sari.

Similarly Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor who are actually each other's rival share an obsession for shoes, while Priyanka has a collection of over 60 pairs, it is said that Kareena Kapoor has a collection of more than hundred pairs of shoes. They apparently own shoes of all types, colors and designs.

So each of these celebrities has come or the other obsession but like I earlier said, these are something that are agreeable or at least believable but such shocking revelations like Salman Khan's obsession of collecting soaps is rare. Well we are revealing more of such weird obsessions of Bollywood celebrities and i am sure you'll be quite shocked.

Let's check out the super weird obsessions of Bollywood celebrities like Salman Khan's obsessions of collecting soaps and Sunny Leone's obsession of washing her feet. Oops! Did I just reveal that, i am going to zip my mouth now and you guys will go take a look at the feature to find out the super weird obsessions of other Bollywood celebrities.

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