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Bollywood Actors Whose Brothers Flopped

Making your name in the Bollywood industry is not easy. You need to work hard and impress your audience to win their hearts. Often a lot of people think that having a celebrity sibling is a helpful key to last in the industry. However, this is not possible as your talent, luck, looks and acting skills play the major role in getting fame and success in Bollywood.

Take the Khan brothers for example. Bollywood is an industry which at the moment is ruled by the Khans. However, something went horribly wrong when these Khans launched their brothers as they did not made their presence last in the industry. For example, Salman Khan is one of the most popular and highest paid Khan in the Bollywood. However, his brothers namely Arbaaz and Sohail Khan failed to reach that pinnacle of success that Salman did. After facing failure in acting, both Sohail and Arbaaz decided to produce and are successful as well.

Another celebrity brother who flopped in the industry is Faisal Khan. Do you know he is the sibling of Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan. Faisal made his Bollywood debut with celebrity brother, Aamir in Mela. However, the movie bombed badly so was his dreams.

Similarly, Sanjay Kapoor is another celebrity brother of famous Bollywood actor, Anil Kapoor. The celebrity sibling failed to make his presence felt in the industry and decided to quit acting. Here is a list of Bollywood actors whose brothers failed to make their mark in the industry and flopped miserably. Take a look...

Bollywood Actors Whose Brothers Flopped:

Bollywood Actors Whose Brothers Flopped

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