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Bollywood Celebs Talk About Their Intimate Scenes

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone grabbed attention when they fell in love and later with their much publicized breakup as well. However, when it came to doing intimate scenes with him in their last movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Deepika didn't seem uncomfortable with her ex-flame at all.

On probing her, how she could not only do a film with her ex but also take part in doing intimate scenes with your ex and Deepika very calmly claimed that performing with Ranbir was very comfortable for her. Actress so deem quite shy when they have to do such intimate scenes with their co-stars but they are never vocal about it. In fact they rarely talk about such scenes as they get very uncomfortable when the media starts asking too many questions about their intimate scenes in the movie.

The actresses don't think twice before doing such scenes in movies but when it comes to talking about it, the stars are quite uncomfortable but there are a few bold actresses who are ready to open up about what goes on in their mind while doing such scenes and how they do it too. The present generation actresses are really proving how evolved their mindset is and how bold they are, they don't blink twice before doing anything bold and have no regrets too.

Let's check out which Bollywood actress dared to talk about her intimate scenes and what did she say. Read on to find out what these bold Bollywood actresses revealed about their intimate scenes.

Bollywood Celebs Talk About Their Intimate Scenes:

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