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Bollywood Men Who Love Curvy Women

Curves are the latest fad in tinsel town! With more and more actresses opting for a curvaceous figure, curves are definitely back in vogue. Indian men love curves on their women, especially our Bollywood celebrity men who have curvaceous wives and girl friends.

When Kareena lost oodles of weight and became a size zero, her hubby did not like it one bit. When the pretty lass put on weight and got back her hot curves, it was her hubby Saif Ali Khan who was most vocal about his love for her curvaceous body. He went on to say that he likes Kareena this way and is glad that she is no more size zero. This shows how much these Bollywood men are in love with their curvy women.

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Similarly when Aishwarya Rai was facing flak for her weight gain, it was her hubby Abhishek Bachchan who came to her rescue saying he likes his wife's curves and she shouldn't feel insecure about it. He too like Saif voiced his love for his wife Ash's hot curves.

With curvy actresses like Sonakshi Sinha and Vidya Balan back in demand, it shows how much love the Indian men have for the curvy Indian women. So we are certain that curves are back in vogue! All the women out there who are curvy, it's time to go out and flaunt those curves. And all the men out there, take a leaf from these Bollywood men's personal life and go fall in love with a true curvy women of our country.

Girls your beaus won't be complaining about hose lovely curves anymore. Take a look at these famous men who are happy and adore their wives for their curves! Here are some of the celebrity men who love their curvy women.

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