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Bollywood Movies Which Are Based On Politics

Many Bollywood features have been made on politics. Political drama and satire based movies have always gathered much attention and also brings a variety on-screen. It is a serious genre in cinema which shows the ill effects of politics on people and society. We also get to see corruption and scams which were popular.

Political drama films are always based on true life stories. Many Bollywood movies have been made on politics which have been controversial as well. One of the movies that comes first on out mind is, Aandhi. It was highly controversial and one of the best known Bollywood movies which is based on politics. It is said that the movie was based on the life of Indira Gandhi. The movie starred Suchitra Sen and Sanjeev Kapoor.

The movie was banned during the Emergency period in 1975. After 2 years, the movie was aired on National television. The role of Aarti Devi was first offered to Vyjayanthimala but she refused to act in the movie as it was roughly based on Indira Gandhi's life. The movie received 7 Filmfare Awards including Best Film, Best Actor and Best Actress.

Since then, many filmmakers have made Bollywood movies which are based on politics. From Yuva to Raajneeti, we saw many movies which not only entertained but gave a real message to the society. Rang De Basanti is one of the rebellious movies which was roughly based on a political scenario and politicians.

Sarkar series is one of the Bollywood movies which is also based on Indian politics. The movie is based on The Godfather, and is a thriller film set in the world of politics and crime. A lot of people think that Sarkar Raj (sequel of Sarkar) was based on Raj Thackeray (the estranged nephew of political leader Bal Thackeray) in Maharashtra.

Here are some of the Bollywood movies which are based on politics.

Bollywood Movies Which Are Based On Politics:

Bollywood Movies Which Are Based On Politics
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