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Bollywood's Never Ending Romance With Kashmir

Kashmir is one of the places in India which comes to our mind when we think of romance and beauty. Our film industry has been in love with this 'Paradise on Earth' since decades and captured beautiful scenic locations in the camera to portray romance on the celluloid.

Be it the famous Dal Lake, snowfall or the Chinar trees, Kashmir is the most popular destination for tourists as well as the Bollywood. We have seen many actors romancing on 'shikaras' in the famous Dal lake and the valley of flowers, but increasing militancy forced the filmmakers to shift their focus from the valley in the past two decades.

Shooting in Kashmir was much safer and easier before 1980's but fears of terrorists almost stopped the filmmakers as well as movie stars from coming to this lovely place. Terrorism and militancy bought an economic setback for the valley as the filmmakers used to feel insecure, but now the film stars are daring to return to the valley. With the passage of time things have changed.

Earlier, the filmmakers used to showcase the romance and the beauty of Kashmir, but now the audiences get connected to the people of Kashmir as the films today showcases the difficult life of the Kashmir valley. Films like Mission Kashmir and Roja mainly focused on the terrorism, the main reason for neglect of the Kashmir valley.

Young filmmakers are also preferring to shoot on the beautiful locations of Kashmir and hence the audience is once again getting a chance to witness the beauty of this 'Paradise on Earth' on the silver screen.

Click below to watch the films which showcased the beauty of Kashmir valley.

Bollywood's Never Ending Romance With Kashmir

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