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Bollywood Celeb's Quirky Superstitions

Luck plays an important role in Bollywood celebrity's life as not all the talented actors are able to achieve stardom in the film industry. Each Bollywood star has his or her own superstition that is followed religiously in order to obtain success in their work.

Ekta Kapoor is the queen when it comes to such superstitious beliefs but there are many top Bollywood stars who wear some talisman or follow some belief thinking that is the reason for their success. For example all Karan Johar's movies starring Shahrukh Khan start with the letter K and the latter's arch rival, Salman Khan has a lucky charm bracelet that he wears 24x7.

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Similarly every Bollywood celebrity has his or her own weird beliefs, talismans which they believe is the reason for what they are today. Most of these beliefs are linked around film releases, IPL cricket matches and other individual success stories.

Let's take a look at the top Bollywood stars who are superstitious and what their superstitions are...

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