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Bollywood Self Obsessed Celebrities

In the age of Internet and social media, stars have become more self obsessed and are posting every small detail about themselves. Bollywood is filled with self obsessed celebrities, even a sneeze and cough is updated on all the social networking sites.

It is nice when the stars are accessible to their fans through such social networking sites, but things do get overboard when they do not know where to draw the line. Celebrities keep complaining that media doesn't give them enough privacy and that we are constantly in their face, but what is happening now... The stars themselves are in our face.

Famous Celebrity Siblings Of Bollywood

Celebs like Kareena Kapoor doesn't need such mediums to tell us how self obsessed she is, meanwhile Poonam Pandey is in all types of medium screaming on top of her voice "I am Self Obsessed". Recently she was quoted in an interview saying, "If I have a good body then why shouldn't I show it off?"

Well, her fans aren't complaining about it but we do think its a little too much. Lets take a look at some Bollywood celebrities who suffer from such self obsession disorder.

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