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Watch Video: Bollywood's Top Obsessive Lovers

Remember Darr movie? Where Shah Rukh Khan played this love struck obsessed lover who couldn't imagine his lady love with anybody else and so goes to the most gruesome extent just to get her! Well, thats the perfect picturisation of an obsessed lover and you'll be shocked to see how our Bollywood industry is filled with such obsessed lovers.

Now, before I mislead you any further, I am not talking about real life obsessed lovers, I am talking about those actors who played the role of an obsessive lover to perfection. Shahrukh has great depth in his acting, no matter how much folks might poke fun at the Bollywood film industry, many of these actors have great talent. While watching this movie, I was trying to pick out other aspects of the type of film this was--the depth of obsession SRK has with Kiran is showcased by the photos he has in his room. The closeness he has with his dead mother, is a true sign of his mental illness--he often spends hours on the 'phone' describing to his mother all that he loves about Kiran.


Shah Rukh Khan's stammer of K...K..Kiran from Darr got so famous that even today people make remember him or make fun of him through this dialogue. The movie went on to become an iconic movie and his portrayal of an obsessive lover was done to perfection.

Probably taking inspiration from this, a number of Bollywood movies was made on a similar subject line but not all could match up to Darr. We have chosen top ten roles of an obsessed lover that was played to perfection. Obviously Shah Rukh Khan in Darr will be topping our list but there are nine more such roles that gave us goosebumps, while watching the movie. So check out our top ten obsessed lovers of Bollywood.

Bollywood's Top Obsessive Lovers:

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