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Bollywood's Top Romantic Films!

If Bollywood Industry has ever tried exploring other genre than comedy then for sure romance it is. Bollywood is filled with so many romantic genre films. Romance is the life of many scripts and has become super duper blockbusters. A romantic movie can be given due credit only if it makes the audience go crazy for love. There are many such films in Bollywood. A true romantic film is the one which makes us wish that we were the main character in the film, or one that makes us think about the movie even after a long time.

These few romantic films which tops the list had really given such a feeling to the movie enthusiasts. The best romantic films have given bollywood some of its most unforgettable and heartstopping ‘awww' moments.

Starting from Maine Pyar Kiya till Aashiqui 2, all these films have loads of romance oozing out in it.

Bollywood romantic films are often top grossing movies of the year. From Dilip Kumar to Shahrukh Khan this genre has produced many well known romantic and chocolaty actors. No doubts these romantic heroes have a lot of fan following than any other genre actors. If you're to make a list of hindi romantic movies then for sure it would be a tough task as it is the most explored or better to say exploited genre in the film industry. Almost every hindi film will have love story of some kind. While you can trace out pure Bollywood romance films yet there are several sub genres of romance that you cannot neglect.

Here we have listed out eight top romantic movies in Bollywood. Please click the sliders to see...

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