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Bollywood's Most Controversial Movies

India is changing, Bollywood is changing, the youth are changing and so is the kind of films being made. Filmmakers have become so bold in terms of the topics they choose that they end up making Bollywood's most controversial movies.

With the change in time, filmmakers have changed but the audiences have still not opened up as much as they would want them to which leads to controversies and speculations to whether the movie should have been made. Such films end up in the Bollywood's most controversial films list.

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The sensitive topics or lifestyle the director chooses to base his movies on are not always accepted, some tend to hurt the audiences' emotion which lands the movie in trouble. Terrorism, politics and sexuality are the three sensitive issues that forms the heart of major controversial films.

Such controversial movies in India are many but let's take a look at 10 most controversial movies ever made in Bollywood.

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