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Bollywood's Most Hated Celebrities

We live in a country that loves cinema and that makes the largest number of films in the world. We worship our stars like Gods. When years ago Amitabh Bachchan fell ill, the entire country was praying for his life. But there are a few celebrities who have rubbed their fans the wrong way and ended up on being Bollywood's most hated celebrity list.

Every star in the industry has come under the scanner at some time or the other, and we as fans forgive them and move on too. Say Salman Khan for example, he has made many mistakes in life, be it his brattish behaviour or his criminal cases but he is the most loved superstar in the country.


Everybody in the industry expect for a handful of celebs love him. But then there are those actors who are hated by their own colleagues in the industry and the people of this country. The public and industry insider get so vengeful when it comes to hating someone.

The public even form hate forums on social-networking sites condemning the celebrities and demeaning them everyday. Well, we bring to you the list of those celebrities who have rubbed us or another celeb the wrong way.

Read on to find out which celebrity in Bollywood is hated the most:

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