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Bollywood's Secret Celeb Weddings

A Bollywood celebrity wedding becomes the centre of the Universe, albeit for a few hours. There's certain anticipation around every star's shaadi. Most of the times it's just as dramatic as celluloid and more important than prime time news of the nation.

With paparazzi's over obsession with Bollywood, life has become quite difficult for these celebrities. They no longer have any privacy and all their private candid moments are out in the public even before they known it, especially when it comes to Bollywood celebrity wedding moments.

Breaking News: Rani's Secret Marriage to Aditya Chopra In Italy

While some celebrities fail to keep such private moments away from the public eye, there are many mastermind celebrities who are so good at maintaining their privacy that no one has a clue as to when they got married.

The stars are opting for low-key, family only weddings so that their private moments are not made public and they get to have candid moments with their loved ones. When a film star is tying a knot these days, the proceedings become secretive, everything gets planned in hushed voices. Garlands are ordered incognito. Here is a list of some famous Indian celebrity's hush hush weddings.

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