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Candid Pics: Bollywood Celebrities With Their Pampered Pets

Bollywood celebrities are in love with their cute little pampered pets and are often caught sharing candid moments with them. Amitabh Bachchan for example is extremely obsessed with his dog, Shanouk. His precious Great Dane will suffice for Big B and he doesn't need any company other than his beloved dog.

Its not just him, many Bollywood celebrities are in love with their pets and are often seen sharing an integral part of their life with them. The young actresses brigade in Bollywood who are obsessed with Instagram too are often seen uploading their selfies, where they are seen snuggling with their cute little pet.

Even the Badshah Of Bollywood is not far behind when it comes to his love for pets. Now don't start thinking about the infamous scandal where Aamir Khan had spoken about his neighbour's dog being named Shahrukh. We ain't talking about it, we are talking about his actual true love for his four pets. It is said that Shahrukh Khan, when depressed prefers to talk and spend time with his pets rather than talking to some human.

Such is the love these Bollywood celebrities share with their pets. There is a very famous quote, " A Dog Is A Man's Best Friend" and when you look at these candid moments the celebrities have been sharing with their pets, you'll realize how true this quote is. Take a look at the most cute candid pictures of Bollywood celebrities with their pets.

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