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Caught! Bollywood Celebs Real-Life Drunk Avatars

Bollywood celebrities are often caught partying, after all it's their lifestyle but the issue arises when they get caught in their drunk state. Here are a few leaked pictures of Bollywood celebrities caught in their drunk avatar.

Sridevi's daughter Jhanvi Kapoor was all over in news a couple of days ago for being caught in her drunk avatar. A few pictures posted by herself on her social networking account SHOCKED everyone. Jhanvi Kapoor seems like a big party animal, but spotting her in a drunk state at the party was a little too hard to digest.

Jhanvi Kapoor herself posted pictures on Facebook and Twitter of her carefree partying ways, posing with her pals and in a drunk mood. All her crazy poses seemed a little too much for age. In one of the pictures she poses with her one hand on a guy, dresses in a very revealing outfit. We have time and again spotted many Bollywood hunks and babes drunk and partying around.

Even at Arjun Kapoor's birthday party last year, most of the celebs seemed drunk while leaving the party, but the actor who grabbed everyone's attention was Ranveer Singh who seemed just too drunk. Ranveer Singh in a sober states it self is too much high energy so imagine him drunk. There was a lot of drama that happened outside of that party that grabbed the headlines for a lot of time. 

Bollywood celebrities too have a life, I agree, but because of their status they need to be extra careful regarding their public behaviour and appearances. Here are a few leaked pictures of Bollywood celebrities in their drunk avatars.

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