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Celebrites Attempting To Revive Career With 2014 Elections

Election votes are being counted this very instant. We do not know which political party has won! Is it Narendra Modi's time or Rahul Gandhi's? But what we do know is how many Bollywood celebrities tired to revive their dying career by contesting in elections this year.

We are not talking about Bollywood celebrities who have turned to politics after retiring from the film industry like veteran actress Hema Malini, she had an illustrious career in Bollywood and took up politics only after taking a break from films. We are talking about those celebrities who have failed in Bollywood and lurched on the opportunity of joining a political party this elections as an alternate career.

This time the election has been the talking point everywhere, will it be a Modi sarkar or will it be a Congress sarkar? The discussions has been going on non stop and utilizing this opportunity celebrities like Rakhi Sawant decided to take a plunge into politics to be back in the scene. Guess she thought this would be a good move before she is forgotten by the Indian audience and so she thought about starting her own political party which was quite obvious, if she couldn't find a place in movies, how will she find a place in piltical parties!

Anyways with the current hot topic still being the politics and election we thought about doing a round up of those celebrities who have taken a plunge into politics owing to their failed Bollywood career.

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