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Celebrities Who Are Famous for Nothing

Ever looked at a celebrity on television and wonder why he/she is even being called as the celebrity. Did you think- How did they become celebrity? What have did done to become a celebrity? Or even OMG! Is that person a celebrity? When did this happen? Trust me this is a very common feeling for us these days.

Every now and then a wanna be celebrity is popping up on our television screen and suddenly we feel like taking a bullet to the head. Sadly we can't. Bollywood showbiz is downright crazy, where men and women with real talent fail to make it big and men and women with absolutely zero talent are hobnobbing in stardom.

There are many socialites or self-proclaimed actor that suddenly start making the headline and become celebrities overnight. And we sad people are left wondering who they are. Let's take a look at some of the people from the entertainment world who got a celebrity status for nothing.

Here are the chosen few who have made a grand entry to the celebrity who got famous for nothing category...

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