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Bollywood Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts

Ever heard of Kim Kardashian's butt insurance? Yes, the curvaceous American star is more popular for her oh-so-famous-and-curvy butt! Apparently, Kim Kardashian got her body asset, butt insured worth $21 million!

Well, this is not something unusual or weird and some of the celebrities have got their body parts or assets insured for a whooping some of money. Sounds weird but the trend which started in Hollywood has also taken over the minds of Bollywood beauties. Some of the Bollywood celebrities have kept up with the weird trend and got their body assets insured. For example, former beauty queen Priyanka Chopra has patent her smile and want the copyrights for it. It is reportedly said that a lot of dentists were luring customers to make them get a smile like Pee Chee. Priyanka seems to be of the opinion that her grin is very much her own, and no one has the right to copy it.

As soon as Priyanka came to know about the thriving trade promising young girls the 'Priyanka Chopra Smile' after necessary surgical tweaking, she spoke to her lawyers and also drawn up a copyright on her grin. Like America Ferrera of Ugly Betty series, Priyanka Chopra can also get her smile insured for a staggering $10 million.

It is not just the gorgeous Bollywood beauties who are getting their body assets insured or copyrighted. Even handsome hunks like John Abraham has apparently got his butt insured for 10 crores! He received an offer to have his butt insured for a whopping amount of 10 crores, and the pin up actor supposedly agreed.

Here's a look at some Bollywood celebs who are interested in getting their various body parts and attributes insured.

Bollywood Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts:

Bollywood Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts

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