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Bollywood Celebrity Exes Who Are Enemies Now

Who says that life comes to an end after a break up. There is never an end to the love life on an individual. At a point of time, you cannot spend a single day without your partner, so once the relationship ends, you feel depressed and left out.

After a break up, life can become miserable and irritating for a span of time. However, you need to move and and get over the past for a better present and future. A lot of times, people watch movies to find solace after a break up. Well the celebrities are no exception here. Breakups and linkups are a part of a celebrity's life. They are the worst sufferers of link ups and break ups.

There have been many celebrity affairs that have formed news. However, celebrity love affairs are almost very short and end up soon. There are very few celebrity couples who have been an epitome of strong love even after surviving in the glamourous world. Most of the times, the break up goes ugly and they turn up as enemies.

Who says that you can friends with your ex after a break up? It is very difficult to be friends with your ex flame after having a break up. Many celebrity couples of Bollywood are classic examples to prove that you can't friends with your ex after break up. There are many celebrity exes in Bollywood who have turned into enemies.

For example, Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai became news when they were dating. However, after the ugly break up, the exes have turned into enemies and never speak to each other or about each other ad well.

Here are some of the Bollywood exes who turned out as enemies now! Take a look...

Bollywood Exes Who Became Enemies:

Bollywood Celebrity Exes Who Are Enemies Now

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