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10 Celebrity Friends In Bollywood Over The Years

Who says you can't have true friends in Bollywood. There are some classic examples of true friendship in Bollywood as well. We are not talking about the movies but the real life of celebrities. There are some Bollywood celebs who are true BFFs.

For example, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are true buddies who have stood for each other in the good and bad times. They started working together in the cult movie, Andaaz Apna Apna. However Aamir did not bond well with Salman then. It was a gradual friendship that is now unbreakable.

Similarly, Deepika Padukone and Sahana Goswami are friends since the beginning of their careers. They scuba-dive together, hang out and share their innermost secrets. "Sahana Goswami is my best friend. I have always maintained that being in this industry we cannot plan when friends will come in our life and when they will move out. And she, happened to be a co-star in one of my beginner films. And before I knew it, we became good friends; she is the first person I call when I am back in Mumbai," Deepika said in an interview about Shahana.

So who says that celebrities can't be friends. Here are some classic friendship of celebrities over the years.

Here are some true examples of celebrity friends who have bonded over years.

True Friends In Bollywood Who Bonded Over Years:

10 Celebrity Friends In Bollywood Over The Years

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